Three Things To Know About Our Leather

Be The Positive One

Apart from looking sleek and standing out, our shoes are also doing good – both for you and for the environment. We have listed three interesting things to know about why our leather makes all the difference.

1. No Nasty Metals

The final leather is heavy metal and chrome-free, which is not only good for the environment but for your health as well. Metals used in the tanning process of ‘regular’ leather can, when sweating, be absorbed by the skin.


2. Reduction In Water Consumption

The amount of water used in the process from raw hides to the final leather is heavily reduced. The pre-treatment of the raw hides require less water and there is a water re-usage in the tanning process.



3. Lower Emissions of CO2

The process of achieving the Oak Tanned leather also contributes to a healthier environment and human beings through lower emissions of CO2 as well as keeping the emission of the cancerogenic gas Formaldehyde to a minimum.


Learn More

The leather is one of man’s oldest and most useful discoveries, and it is a wonderful material. However, the industry today is toxic and we are proud of the vegetable tanned option that we are using. If you are interested in learning more about the leather industry we have written a full guide on vegetable tanned leather, the industry and why it is important to us.


Furthermore, you can contribute to a better environment and make your shoes last by taking good care of your shoes. Click on the image bellow to get to our quick and easy shoe care guide!