THE BASIC SHOE CARE: A Quick and Simple Guide

We’ve recognized that there’re a lot of people who don’t take care of their shoes, simply because they’re not sure how to. Taking care of your shoes is vital to making your shoes last longer; keeping the leather conditioned helps prevent them from drying out and crack.

We have therefore gathered a simple and basic shoe care guide to help you, it’s not hard, it does not require a lot of effort and it won’t take you a long time but your shoes will look impeccable!


Start with making sure your shoes are clean, use a brush or damp cloth to remove any dirt.


Your shoes need conditioning, it’s what keeps them soft and makes them last longer. The conditioner does not give the shine polish does, but it keeps them in good shape. Give your shoes conditioning once a month, be sure to use conditioning all over the shoe, rather more than less and make sure you get it into the seems as well. Use a clean cloth and rub it in with circular movements until the conditioner is absorbed. Set the shoes aside and wait until it’s absorbed, then brush your shoes with a hairbrush.


Unlike conditioning, the polish gives the shine, but it does not condition. Use a clean cloth and apply cream evenly on your shoes. Rub in small circles. If you want to get into the seam, which is a good idea, you can use a toothbrush to make sure the polish gets in there. Again, let the shoe polish dry, then buff with a brush or dry cloth.


Use shoe blocks in wood to keep the shoe in shape. Put the shoe blocks in your shoes every time you have used your shoes, not just when you have polished them.


An old trick for extra shine: dab evenly with water on a clean cloth, rub in small circles with rolled up tights/old stockings.


We have two favourite brands that we like to use. The first one, Tangentgc, is a Swedish based natural shoe and clothing care brand, with clean products that take care of the shoes without polluting the environment.

Find them here!

The second brand, The Shoe Snob, from France is better if you prefer a high shine, still natural and good, have a look at The Shoe Snob’s line of natural shoe polish here.


Our shoes are made with vegetable tanned leather, a more environmentally friendly way to dye leather, hence why we urge you to use natural products to take care of your pair. If you want to learn more about our leather, read our leather article!