The Bullet Point: Chico Branco

In our third edition of The Bullet Point, we’d like you to introduce you to the Portuguese born Chico Branco, a 28-year old entrepreneur who juggles photographer, modelling and an investment career. Suitably, Chico is from Porto where we produce all of our shoes. We caught up with Chico and talked about Portugal, and Portuguese design and men’s style. 




Tell us more about yourself, who are you?

I’m a 28-year-old proud native of Porto, Portugal. I love my city, my family, my friends and try to make the most of my life by always finding something that I enjoy and take pleasure from.


You are also an investor, photographer and model – it sounds like your life is very busy, how does your life go together?

I work by myself running my own investment business which provides me with flexible work hours. I manage to put it all together by working whenever and wherever I need to. Sometimes I might work on a Friday night but be photographing in the afternoon or vice-versa. Because I love all of these 3 activities I sometimes don’t really feel like I’m working.


What’s the most enjoyable part of being an entrepreneur?

Probably making my own schedules and being my boss, setting my goals and knowing that if all my effort translates into my own gain, which is a key motivation when you work alone.





We are thrilled to work with you, you are from Porto where we have our production and we love the city! Do you think that your interest in style has been influenced by the proximity to the footwear and textile industry surrounding the city?

When I found out you have your production here, it brought a smile to my face! My surroundings definitely have an influence. I live and work in the downtown area which is where all the main shops, cafés, clubs and trendy spots are. Since Porto keeps on booming in terms of tourism and it has a flourishing footwear and textile industry I think I get a lot of inspiration from what I see on the street, people wearing or on storefronts. Sometimes even unconsciously but it is for sure a factor.


Porto is definitely on the hotlist, with its gorgeous tiled buildings, Port wine distilleries, architecture and the Duoro valley – what’s not to like!? What’s your favourite thing about your hometown?

 There are many things I love about Porto but the top things are definitely the fact that it is a cosy small town with where you can see almost everything on foot. There are many small streets and charming corners just makes it a great city to explore more than once. And lastly having the river and the Atlantic ocean in the city is a big positive for me.


Tell us more about Portuguese design! I think most people know that Portugal has a lot of production for other countries, but does not know much about your own design. What is Portuguese design to you and how would you like the world to see it?

In my opinion, Portuguese design is not afraid to take risks nor is it afraid to incorporate small details about our national heritage and culture into it. Portugal is a small country but industries like the footwear and textile industries help us not only to showcase our country abroad but also establish partnerships with other brands from other countries like Stig Percy, which is a great way to exchange ideas and evolve.



When it comes down to fashion design, what is your view on design and personal style?

For me, style must go hand in hand with comfort. I don’t want to wear something just once or not feel good wearing it. I have to look good but also feel good and I think brands are becoming more and more conscious about it, especially in footwear, which is great.


How did your passion for style and menswear start?

 I would say I started really thinking more about what I was wearing once I started photographing and eventually taking photos of me for social media. It was like a challenge where I wanted to try and make the photos look good in every way. Over time it translated into a daily routine even if I’m not taking pictures!


Shoes say a lot about a person, would you agree? What is in your shoe wardrobe?

It definitely says! As a guy, I would say you need to have at least one pair of formal shoes, one pair of sneakers, one pair of boots and one pair of beach footwear. Be ready for any occasion. Of course, I have more than one pair of each, with my sneakers and boots collections taking the most space.


Our shoes are made with vegetable tanned leather and to some extent recycled rubber, we put a lot of effort into making our shoes as sustainable as we can. What’s your view on sustainability and the future?

As the world population and worldwide consumption increase, it is something that brands should 100% take into consideration. Buying something new is great but knowing if what you’re buying is made in a sustainable way is increasingly a key factor when choosing between brands.


Finally, what’s next for you? Do you have any big goals you are working against?

As far as my social media and particularly my Instagram goes I’m always looking to evolve and create new and exciting content. I love when someone says they’re inspired by my work. I want to keep inspiring people to travel to different places, to change up their style and to enjoy life. Instagram is a community above all else and I want to keep my expanding mine and share ideas with everyone!


Thank you so much, Chico!