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  1. As Seen On: Smith and Thell

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    Our Stig 7 Chelsea boot in Nero as seen on Victor Thell from the Swedish pop/folk group Smith & Tell.

    We are happy to see our Chelsea boot model Stig 7 in Smith & Thell’s new music video Have a look!

    Stig 7

    Our Goodyear welted Chelsea boot model that is made by hand in a small family-run factory in Portugal. We only use beautiful Italian, vegetable tanned leather in all of our shoes. Learn more about how the boots are made!

    Stig 7 is available for both men and women and come in a variety of colours.

  2. As Seen In: Swedish Television TV4

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    Stig Percy’s loafer Stig 3 got featured on Swedish tv channel 4 this morning.

    We were off to a good start to Swedish Midsummer when our Stig 3 loafer in green was featured on morning television. Sara from Svenska Skobranschrådet (Swedish Fashion Council) talked about what summer shoes to wear. Have a look!

    Stig Percy loafer på TV4 nyhetsmorgon midsommarafton
    Sara from Skobranschrådet on Swedish TV channel TV4
    Stig 3 Green

    The Stig 3 loafer is available for both men and women, in sizes 36 to 46, and are made with vegetable-tanned leather. They also come in black and pink for women, and black and brown for men.

  3. Covid-19 Update

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    We are all going through tough times and we are doing our best to ensure that you will get your shoes in a timely fashion.

    All orders and deliveries are processed as normal

    We are processing orders and deliveries as normal. We ship from our office in Gothenburg, Sweden where we are using disinfectants regularly and we do not tolerate any symptoms other than a 100% healthy condition.

    We are constantly looking into offering the most convenient shipping options to deliver your order. We have not added any surcharges to the shipment cost. Below we’ve listed our delivery options.

    Postnord Service Point

    Your order will be shipped to the nearest service point based on the delivery address provided. When your order is available for pick-up at the service point Postnord will send you a notification.

    Available in: Sweden.

    DHL & UPS

    To the rest of the world and Sweden, we ship with DHL Express and UPS. The driver will only do one delivery attempt at your door. If you are not able to receive your order at the given day and time, you will receive a notice from UPS/DHL. The parcel will then be delivered to the closest UPS/DHL Access Point. Both companies deliver per usual, but some countries may experience a delay in delivering time due to the current situation.

    Get in touch

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, send us an email at

  4. The Goodyear Welted Collection

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    For the past year, we have been busy working on a superior line of shoes. They are made with sustainable vegetable-tanned leather and crafted in the best way possible, using a construction known as Goodyear welting.

    To start off with, the new line will include an elegant brogue lace-up boot, Stig 6, as well as our take on the classic Chelsea boot, with thick outsoles and minimal details, Stig 7.

    With the launch of our first line of Goodyear welted shoes, we would like to tell you more about the construction and why it is considered to be the most durable shoemaking method. We are also going to take you on a factory tour, showing you exactly how our new line of shoes is made.

    Stig 7 Nero

    What is a Goodyear Welted Construction?

    The Goodyear welted construction was invented in 1869 by the American Charles Goodyear Jr and is a machine-based alternative to the traditional hand-welted construction used for bespoke shoemaking since the 16th century. It is still considered to be the sturdiest and finest shoemaking methods there is. This is thanks to its durable and sturdy construction, with excellent repair qualities. The welt also works as extra protection between the insole and outsole, which increases its water-resistance. Goodyear welting is time-consuming and an expensive construction that requires skilled craftsmanship, as it is still manual labour.

    The construction involves a ‘two-level’ stitching. By first stitching the upper leather, the lining and welt (which is a separately prepared piece of leather) to the ribbing that has already been attached to the insole, you create a unity of the upper part of the shoe. The welt is then stitched to the outsole. This final stitch that holds the sole in place, can be cut through and removed without any damage to the upper, allowing the outsole to be replaced over and over again. Hence, it’s excellent repair qualities.

    See how Goodyear welted shoes are made: A Factory Visit

    As mentioned, the Goodyear welt is still very much a hands-on, manual job. It is time-consuming and requires skilled labour. There are quite a few steps involved in the constructions.

    In this visual guide, we will cover the steps from when the leather for the upper already has been cut and sewn together and is ready to be lasted.

    Step 1

    The first step is lasting, which is getting the upper fitted on the last together with the insole.

    Step 2

    This is what they look like lasted and ready to get the welt stitched on to the insole…

    Step 3

    Stitching the welt on…

    Step 4

    When the welt is stitched on, a metal shank is added then you fill the gap with cork for an even surface.

    Step 5

    Then the first outsole is glued on. The glue needs heat and hammering to activate and attach properly.

    Stig 6

    After the soles are glued on, they’re being shaped and the lasts are taken out.

    Stig 7

    The soles are then stitched together, which requires some arm power.

    Step 8

    After soles have been stitched, the heals are placed, shaped and secured with nails.

    Step 9

    Then the soles and heels are painted in the chosen colour.

    Step 10

    The shoes are now ready for finishing, but first, our extra cushioned insoles are put in and the plastic that has protected the uppers is removed.


    About the collection


    Both Stig 6 and Stig 7 come in men’s and women’s sizes and are true to size. Size guides are found on each product’s page.

    Fair Pricing

    We believe in paying for skilled craftsmanship and sustainable materials, we also believe in fair pricing. Learn more about our pricing.

  5. The Bullet Point: Singer-Song Writer Axel Jansson

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    The Bullet Point is back! This time we talk to a very familiar face to those of you who have been following our journey. His name is Axel Jansson and is, first and foremost, a London based singer-songwriter. He is also a vintage watch dealer, a menswear enthusiast, our frequent model and the brother of our founder.

    premium sustainable leather loafers for men

    We caught Axel at a really busy time. He recently released a new single ‘Wanna know you’, a second single leading up to his debut album ‘Weight of the world’. An album that is expected to be released in September. Currently, he is out touring the U.K. this summer, going between festivals to gig venues and radio interviews. Hence, we will start our conversation on the topic – Music.

    Where does the love for music come from? 

    I grew up around good music. My father is a big music lover and had an extensive record collection. That’s where I picked it up.

    Have you always known that you wanted to be a musician?

    From my mid-teens, I knew I wanted to be a musician. It was around that time I got into songwriting and it felt very natural to me. It’s always a gamble to get into a business like the music industry, but it’s my passion. I’m a big believer in that you should follow your passion in life.

    Where do you get your inspiration to your songs from? Who are your idols?

    I still get inspired by the 70’s rock music. I look up to guys like Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and etc. There’s a lot of artists who get it right today as well like, Jason Isbell, John Mayer, Ryan Adams, Dawes and etc. I like the raw element of that time period and the honesty in the music and I try my best to add that flavour to what I do as well. I also get inspired by other genres like Blues music. That’s like meditation for me. Other than that I pick inspiration from life experiences or things that are happening around me.

    Regarding your style on stage, how has your style evolved? Who inspired you?

    Well, the hat has sort of becoming a signature thing for the stage performances. I’ve got a few now and order them from a great hat maker in Venice, California called Nick Fouquet. I also wear a lot of suits, both on and off stage. I quite like the mix of dressing down a well-tailored suit for when I’m performing. People have really stopped dressing up overall. Everyone is so hooked on streetwear and It’s really a shame. There’s nothing more tasteful than a nice suit. When people dress down, I dress up. How’s that?

    Is there a stage that you’d like to play at one day?

    I had the privilege to play Glastonbury once which was an amazing experience and also a tick off the bucket list. But it would be nice to come back and play one of the big stages at some point. It would be really cool to fly over to America and play Austin city limits as well. One day I would love to play at the Roundhouse in Camden, London as well.

    Apart from being a singer-songwriter, you also collect and work with vintage watches. How did that start? What attracted you to watches?

    I’ve always been a watch lover, but really got hooked about 7 years ago. I picked my first vintage watch from a flee market in East London and got bitten by the watch bug. Now to this day I sleep, eat and breathe watches. I. Sound like a crazy person, but it’s a nice passion and a lovely community of people. I love the history behind these pieces and it really is an art form.

    If you’re new to watches, but you’d like to start collecting, where should you start? Is there anything you should know first?

    I would start by doing as much research as possible. Study auction catalogues, go to watch fairs, meetups and find a few trustworthy web sites. Also, find a seller you can trust.

    What should you invest in first / what’s a good first buy? 

    A vintage Rolex Datejust in steel or an Omega Speedmaster ’Moon watch’

    Do you have a dream watch?

    I have many! A Rolex Ref 6062 in Steel is a stunning watch. A ’double red’ Patent pending Rolex Sea Dweller with a brown dial is difficult to beat as well. Or nice Patek Philippe Calatrava ref 565 in steel with Breguet numerals.

    If you are interested in what Axel’s watch trading, have a look at his Instagram account @thewatchguysuk

    Now, let’s talk style. You previously mentioned that the hat is your signum on stage and that you love suits. You have a very personal style, where do you get your inspiration from? How did your interest start?

    I’ve always been interested in style and care about what I wear. Looking back at old photos I can’t say that I stand behind every phase I’ve been through haha, but it’s all a part of the journey. I’m a big fan of good tailoring. I care for quality, fit and details and I don’t like to follow fashion. I rather go for classic and elegant products. Then it’s up to you, you dress it up or down. A nice pair of loafers, A well-tailored suit can take you a long way. 

    Is there an era in men’s fashion that you prefer? 

    I think there’s some great stuff from the ’40s. Love the way the suits were cut. Even all the way into the ’60s you see great tailoring with some really nice details. 

    Do you have a style icon? 

    Gianni Agnelli. I also think there’s a lot of good inspiration on Instagram these days if you know where to look. 

    Where do you go shopping in London? Which are your favourite boutiques in London?

    I have my suits made at Timothy Everest, even the ready to wear is great. Speaking of style icons you have @toneloki working there. I also love everything Drake’s London does, they’re just spot on. It’s always fun to stop by Anderson and Sheppard as well. There are also some great vintage shops around Brick Lane.

    Black leather loafers made with premium italian vegetable tanned leather

    How about sustainability, is that something that you think about when you shop for clothing? What is style and sustainability to you?

    Of course. I always go for good quality. Buy less and buy the best. Look after your stuff. With that mentality, your goods will last forever and also look better with time. I know so many people that buy cheap stuff that they wear for a season and then on to the next. That’s not how you do it.

    What is in your shoe wardrobe? Is there a pair / a type of shoe that you can’t be without?

    Loafers! I try to keep the classics as well. I wear a black cap toe Oxford quite regularly. I’ve got a great pair of Alden Burgundy Cordovan Tassels, A pair of black Belgian shoes and I’m completely in love with the Stig Percy 3’s. Especially the Full Grain Version!

    Our Limited Edition Stig 3 in full-grain, vegetable tanned leather from Tempesti in Italy.

    Axel’s quick guide to London

    Favourite shops?

    Timothy Everest, Drakes, (and if you take a trip up to Scotland go to Dicks Edinburgh)

    Favourite music venue?

    O’mera London

    Where to eat & drink?

    Brat in Shoreditch, Trullo in Highbury & Islington, Campania and Jones by Columbia Road

  6. Limited Edition Stig 3 Loafers

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    Have a look at our new and shiny, limited edition, Stig 3 loafers, for men only…

    This limited edition of our most versatile shoe, Stig 3, is made with premium Italian, full-grain, vegetable tanned leather on top of a double-stitched sole. They also have an extra-cushioned, anti-bacterial, insole that provides extra comfort. These loafers are bound to be your new summer to-go-to for all of the summer’s events, whether it is a casual summer lunch or a dressed-up wedding.

    The vegetable tanned leather comes from the Tempesti Tannery in Tuscany. Vegetable tanning is an artisan tradition mixing traditional recipes with modern techniques for a sustainable result, with a low impact on the environment. The tanning process is free of any heavy metals and does not contain any toxic substance harmful to man, and therefore is highly tolerable for those who suffer from metal related allergies.

    These limited edition loafers come in men’s sizes 41-46 and can be found on our web shop.

    Brown full-grain leather loafers for men, made with vegetable tanned leather from Italy.

  7. Featured in Scandinavian Man

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    Our Bungalow5 sneaker was selected top 27 sneakers by the Swedish lifestyle magazine Scandinavian Man.

    Swedish lifestyle magazine Scandinavian Man covers Stig Percy sneakers

    Scandinavian Man is a lifestyle magazine from Stockholm. They are rooted just like Stig Percy, in the Scandinavian values of style, innovation and equality. Scandinavian Man is a new concept that consists of a printed magazine, online platforms, radio, events, panel discussions, exhibitions and retail.

    You can find the dressed sneakers that we designed in collaboration with Allan on our webshop, or read about how they are made on our bulletin.

  8. The Bungalow5 sneaker is back in stock!

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    Our favourite summer sneaker, The Bungalow 5, that we designed in collaboration with the Danish interior design blogger, is now back in stock.

    vegetable tanned, ecological sneakers with recycled rubber soles

    Stig Percy x Bungalow 5

    The Bungalow 5 sneaker is designed in collaboration with Allan Torp, aka The shoes were designed with the ambition to create something that feels dressed yet casual and rooted in the Scandinavian minimalist design culture. A pair of sneakers that would work equally well to a suit as to a pair of jeans.

    The result is a slip-on sneaker made with premium, vegetable tanned, Italian leather and recycled rubber soles. Furthermore, the shoes have an extra cushioned and anti-bacterial insole for additional comfort.

    The sneaker comes in Burgundy Red, Brown and Grey and in both men’s and women’s sizes.

    As Seen In:

    The lovely Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer of the Danish lifestyle, design and interior blog The September Edit shot an inspirational editorial using our Bungalow5 sneaker.

  9. Sneakers on television

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    Our sustainable Stig 5 sneaker were featured on Swedish national television the other morning, styled by stylist Frida Zetterström in an edition on Women’s spring style.

    spring styling with sustainable sneakers

    Our sustainable sneaker model Stig 5, made with vegetable tanned leather and recycled rubber soles, were featured on the Swedish TV channel TV4 the other morning. The stylist Frida Zetterström talked about women’s spring style, skirts and shoe pairing.

    Stig 5: The Sustainable Sneaker

    Stig 5 is available in Powder Pink and Brown, in sizes 36-41 and men’s 40-46. They are handmade in Portugal with premium quality, environmentally friendly, leather. If you are keen to know more about our leather you should read our leather guide.

  10. Fresh for Spring

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    New juicy photos for spring, shot by Gothenburg based photographer Alexander Marzouki.

    We caught up with Alexander Marzouki again to smash some fruit and shoot fresh photos for spring. We are all about adding colour to your look; wear colourful socks to a pair of colourful shoes, add courduroy trousers for texture or a pair of crisp pressed chinos with a pair of pink Stig 5 sneakers. And our juiciest tip – go for a pair of green loafers for work!

    Stig 3 in Bottle Green

    Stig 5 Powder Pink

    Stig 4 Blue

    Stig 1 Powder Pink Women

    Stig 4 Bottle Green Women

    Photographer: Alexander Marzouki

    Model: Graham

    Styling & Art Direction: Our founder

  11. The Bullet Point: Savile Row Journal

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    In this edition of The Bullet Point we will talk to Will of Savile Row Journal about tailoring, bespoke shoes and Savile Row.

    Hello Will, tell us more about yourself, who are you?

    I am a cloth sales manager for Standeven1885 and 360 bespoke suit & British cloth nerd. 

    How did Savile Row Journal start and what was your mission with the blog?

    A few years ago it was an idea from my then boss in which I was quite resistant to initially. The mission was to help promote his business. 

    How did your passion for tailoring start?

    I’ve always had an active interest and appreciation for art and handcraft. Using shape, texture and colour to create something beautiful from scratch has always amazed me. Several years ago I got a job on Savile Row and it continued from there. 

    Tailoring is a wonderful craftsmanship, and it feels like it is finally getting an upswing from having been seen as something very hard to access and old-fashioned. Would you agree, has there been an increased interest in tailoring?

    Yes absolutely. I think people these days are wise to mass produced disposable clothes and recognise the value in getting things made properly using proper materials not just for comfort and style but also longevity. They are also buying into an age old craft whilst supporting made in England which I think is important. 

    Saville Row is, whether you know much about tailoring or not, probably the most historic and famous tailoring street in the world and also what you think of when you think of classic English style. What is new and happening on Saville Row today that you think the world should know about?

    Of course I am biased but I do agree. Whilst there are many incredibly talented and skilled tailors globally, Savile Row is very special to me. I think rather than the change coming from Savile Row it is probably the change is mindset from customers. Many people didn’t realise these amazing historic houses produce garments beyond traditional suits. Savile Row for me aside from classic has always been progressive and relevant. A couple of examples; Henry Poole invented the dinner suit, Gieves the life jacket. Being both progressive and “proper” is probably one of the many reasons why most of these tailors  have been in business so long. 

    Do you have any advice to men who are interested in getting into tailoring, where should they start? Such as, if they would only have one suit made, what kind of suit should that be?

    I’d say a solid navy or charcoal in a British medium weight cloth like Standeven1885 “British Classic” it will be elegant, last many years provided care is taken and appropriate for both work and play. You can also layer and accessorise for different looks without it looking like your wearing the same suit in succession. 

    When it comes down to tailoring and design, what is your view on design and personal style?

    My personal style is all about balance and subtlety. I love of course classic designs and neutral colour pallets whilst balancing strong form with softer details. 

    Where do you go shopping in London? Which are your favourite boutiques in London?

    There are too many to list and wouldn’t want mention a few and risk forgetting others. Savile Row, you can’t really go wrong with the established tailoring houses. 

    Tailoring may be more known to most of the world, but there is also bespoke shoemaking, is that something you see coming back as well?

    I couldn’t possibly say for sure. I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of pairs made including Boudin & Lange Sagan’s from The Rake Online. Whilst not bespoke but more made to order and  made by hand. I love the style and haven’t worn anything quite like these before RTW. 

    How do you pair shoes with tailoring? What would be your best advise? I’d say a balance of comfort and style. A bad pair of shoes will ruin the appearance of a perfect suit and a good pair of shoes that are uncomfortable will ruin your day. 

    Will is wearing our Bungalow 5 sneaker in Brown:

    Shoes say a lot about a person, would you agree? What is in your shoe wardrobe?

    Yes I do agree. For many they are perhaps an after thought abit like the watch is for some. It’s these details that I think can really bring an outfit together and not to be overlooked. I am very much a loafer man myself. Not fond of lace up. 

    Our shoes are made with vegetable tanned leather and to some extent recycled rubber, we put a lot of effort into making our shoes as sustainable as we can. What’s your view on sustainability and the future?

    I think it is brilliant. Sustainability rightly or wrongly has a lot of media hype at the moment. Anything we can do to help promote sustainability and ethical production is 100% important. 

    Finally, what’s next for you? Do you have any big goals you are working against?

    Yes. As you know my career is within Luxury fabrics. Standeven1885 is constantly growing to exceed the expectations of its customers, as cliché as it may sound our goal is to reflect being “ the tailors mill” in every  aspect from service. pricing and product. Ive been lucky enough to have some influence on new bunches which includes the “San Lorenzo” suiting and jack sting in 100% Escorial, and the “Oxbridge Flannel” suiting, twice milled and london shrunk. It’s a beauty!

    Follow Will on Instagram for sartorial advice and style inspiration!

    Thank you so much Will!

  12. Emelie Eng’s photographs of our shoes

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    Get inspired by Gothenburg based photographer Emelie Eng’s vibrant shots of our shoes.

    Last week we had the pleasure of shooting with two lovely, and very different Photographers, Alexander Marzuoki and Emelie Eng. In the post we made a few days ago, we presented Alex’s rough and rugged take on a Stig Percy woman. In this post we’re presenting the crisp and clear photos by  Emelie Eng

    Model: Mary

    MUA: Hanna Fogler 

    Shoes featured: Stig 2 BlackStig 1 Black , Stig 4 GreenBungalow 5 Burgundy

  13. New Photography collaboration

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    Have a look at our recent photography collaboration with Gothenburg based photographer Alexander Marzouki

    On Monday last week, we had a fun shoot in our studio in Gothenburg, where photographers Alexander Marzouki and Emelie Eng styled and photographed their version of a Stig Percy woman.

    Emelie’s photos can be found here. Photos featured are all ©Alexander Marzouki.

    Photographers: Alexander Marzouki & Emelie Eng

    Model: Mary

    MUA: Hanna Fogler 

    Shoes featured: Stig 2 Black, Stig 1 Green & Bungalow 5 Burgundy

  14. AS SEEN IN: Scandinavian Man

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    Stig Percy featured in Scandinavian Man

    Just before Christmas we met up with the Swedish men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine Scandinavian Man and talked about our recent collaboration with Bungalow 5. Scandinavian Man is more than just a magazine, rooted just like Stig Percy, in the Scandinavian values of style, innovation and equality. Scandinavian Man is a new concept that consists of a printed magazine, online platforms, radio, events, panel discussions, exhibitions and retail.

    Have a look at the dressed sneakers that we designed in collaboration with Allan on our web shop or read about how they are made on our bulletin.

  15. STIG PERCY x BUNGALOW 5: The Sneakers

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    Stig Percy x Bungalow 5

    About a week ago we took you through the process of making the sneakers that we have designed together with Bungalow 5. After having given you a taste of what is coming, we are now ready to reveal the result.

    The co-design resulted in a pair of unique limited edition sneakers made out of premium Italian full grain vegetable tanned leather and recyclable rubber soles, with added comfort for both men and women. A pair of sneakers designed to live your life in.

    Our love for good, honest and simple Scandinavian design at Stig Percy goes beyond footwear. We want to enhance other talents within the Scandinavian design world that share Stig Percy’s values and vision – and therefore Allan Torp was the perfect match for us. Not only is he a pioneer when it comes to Scandinavian design and pushing the boundaries- but he also has got an entrepreneurial mindset that we hope will inspire others.

    Allan’s vision when co-designing the sneakers was to create something that felt dressed yet casual in premium whole-grain leather, rooted in the Scandinavian minimalist design culture. An important part of the process was to understand people’s needs and how they live their lives around the world. It became crucial for Allan and to us at Stig Percy when creating a shoe people could live their lives in.

    During the development, we brought Allan with us to visit our factory outside of Porto, to document the journey and process from ideas and sketches to a finished product, a journey that you can read about in our Part I blog post and on Bungalow 5.

    The highly anticipated sneaker is available in 3 different colours: Burgundy Red, Brown and Grey. They come in Women’s sizes 37-41 and Men’s 40-46. 
    Order Now!


  16. Christmas in our studio!

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    Any fancy a new pair of shoes for Christmas? With Christmas at our doorstep, we thought we’d open the doors to our studio this Sunday for gift shopping and Stig’s Christmas spirit!



    This Sunday, December 2nd, we will keep our studio in Gothenburg open for Christmas gift shopping. Stop by for special offers, good company and something to drink between 12am-4pm.

    All shoes are available to try and by, special Christmas gift offers on Sunday only.


    Please sign up to our guest list to get the address details and door code.

    Address: Ahoy Studios, floor 3, Karl Johansgatan 29, 41459 Gothenburg.




    Photo credit: Unknown


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    A design journey


    Some time ago we announced that we were to work a design collaboration with the Danish top interior blogger Allan Torp, aka Bungalow 5. After a few exciting and rewarding months working together, sketching, choosing materials, making prototypes and visiting the factory, we would now like to take you on that journey with us.



    It has been a pleasure working together with Allan. He is a self-confessed shoe addict with a great eye for detail, design and colours. His sense of sought-after Scandinavian design and relaxed approach is something that goes well with the Stig Percy aesthetics and our values. The mission with our design collaboration was to design a sneaker together. A sneaker that would be casual yet stylish enough to be dressed up and comfortable to walk around in all day. Before we reveal the result we would like to take you on a journey and show you exactly how our sneakers are being made.

    During the development, we brought Allan with us to visit our factory outside of Porto. We experienced the process of a shoe being made from scratch. Each pair of shoes are made by hand and they pass from one pair of hands to another through different stations. In this visual journey, we will take you through the different stages of handmade sneakers.


    Step 1

    The lining and the upper leather are placed on a cutting board. The pattern cutter then arranges the pattern pieces on a computer program to get the most out of one hide and leave as little waste as possible. The computer then projects the lines on the leather and laser cuts them out.



    Step 2

    The pieces that are cut out are then handed over to the next station. This station bevels the edges so that when the pieces are sewn together, the seems don’t end up thick and bulky.



    Step 3

    The pieces, with their now thinner edges, are reinforced where needed (on the heal and on the toe). Then they are assembled. The upper is sewn together first, followed by the lining. The two are then sewn together and checked for discrepancies.



    Step 4

    This station is different from regular shoemaking, where the upper is lasted onto a last at this stage.  The sneaker upper is placed on a metal last and the heal is moulded in to shape with heat.



    Step 5

    The insole sock is stitched on to the upper before a last is being put in. Again, this is very specific to sneaker production, whereas on a classic type of shoe the insole would be built with the upper already on the last.



    Step 6

    The upper and insole now resemble a sock, in which you put a last. The upper is now shaped onto the last with pressure and heat. He also makes sure that there is no stretching and pulling and that both the upper and the lining are equal.



    Step 7

    Sneaker soles are first glued on and then stitched. At this station, the sole is glued and then put into an ‘oven’ that cements the glue.



    Step 8

    The soles are now stitched on and afterwards the cushioned insole with the logo is put. The shoe is now finished, but before it is packed into its box to be delivered it has to go through a quality control to ensure no mistakes have been made.



    The Result

    As you can tell, shoemaking is hands-on and demanding and requires a lot of precision. Our shoes are always crafted with love and we are very meticulous with details. The sneaker that you see in the photos being made was our second prototype. It required some alternations before we were satisfied and thus is not the final shoe. The Bungalow 5 sneaker will be available for both men and women and it will come in three colours. Stay tuned!


    Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know when the limited edition Bungalow 5 sneaker drops! 


  18. The Bullet Point: Chico Branco

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    In our third edition of The Bullet Point, we’d like you to introduce you to the Portuguese born Chico Branco, a 28-year old entrepreneur who juggles photographer, modelling and an investment career. Suitably, Chico is from Porto where we produce all of our shoes. We caught up with Chico and talked about Portugal, and Portuguese design and men’s style. 




    Tell us more about yourself, who are you?

    I’m a 28-year-old proud native of Porto, Portugal. I love my city, my family, my friends and try to make the most of my life by always finding something that I enjoy and take pleasure from.


    You are also an investor, photographer and model – it sounds like your life is very busy, how does your life go together?

    I work by myself running my own investment business which provides me with flexible work hours. I manage to put it all together by working whenever and wherever I need to. Sometimes I might work on a Friday night but be photographing in the afternoon or vice-versa. Because I love all of these 3 activities I sometimes don’t really feel like I’m working.


    What’s the most enjoyable part of being an entrepreneur?

    Probably making my own schedules and being my boss, setting my goals and knowing that if all my effort translates into my own gain, which is a key motivation when you work alone.





    We are thrilled to work with you, you are from Porto where we have our production and we love the city! Do you think that your interest in style has been influenced by the proximity to the footwear and textile industry surrounding the city?

    When I found out you have your production here, it brought a smile to my face! My surroundings definitely have an influence. I live and work in the downtown area which is where all the main shops, cafés, clubs and trendy spots are. Since Porto keeps on booming in terms of tourism and it has a flourishing footwear and textile industry I think I get a lot of inspiration from what I see on the street, people wearing or on storefronts. Sometimes even unconsciously but it is for sure a factor.


    Porto is definitely on the hotlist, with its gorgeous tiled buildings, Port wine distilleries, architecture and the Duoro valley – what’s not to like!? What’s your favourite thing about your hometown?

     There are many things I love about Porto but the top things are definitely the fact that it is a cosy small town with where you can see almost everything on foot. There are many small streets and charming corners just makes it a great city to explore more than once. And lastly having the river and the Atlantic ocean in the city is a big positive for me.


    Tell us more about Portuguese design! I think most people know that Portugal has a lot of production for other countries, but does not know much about your own design. What is Portuguese design to you and how would you like the world to see it?

    In my opinion, Portuguese design is not afraid to take risks nor is it afraid to incorporate small details about our national heritage and culture into it. Portugal is a small country but industries like the footwear and textile industries help us not only to showcase our country abroad but also establish partnerships with other brands from other countries like Stig Percy, which is a great way to exchange ideas and evolve.



    When it comes down to fashion design, what is your view on design and personal style?

    For me, style must go hand in hand with comfort. I don’t want to wear something just once or not feel good wearing it. I have to look good but also feel good and I think brands are becoming more and more conscious about it, especially in footwear, which is great.


    How did your passion for style and menswear start?

     I would say I started really thinking more about what I was wearing once I started photographing and eventually taking photos of me for social media. It was like a challenge where I wanted to try and make the photos look good in every way. Over time it translated into a daily routine even if I’m not taking pictures!


    Shoes say a lot about a person, would you agree? What is in your shoe wardrobe?

    It definitely says! As a guy, I would say you need to have at least one pair of formal shoes, one pair of sneakers, one pair of boots and one pair of beach footwear. Be ready for any occasion. Of course, I have more than one pair of each, with my sneakers and boots collections taking the most space.


    Our shoes are made with vegetable tanned leather and to some extent recycled rubber, we put a lot of effort into making our shoes as sustainable as we can. What’s your view on sustainability and the future?

    As the world population and worldwide consumption increase, it is something that brands should 100% take into consideration. Buying something new is great but knowing if what you’re buying is made in a sustainable way is increasingly a key factor when choosing between brands.


    Finally, what’s next for you? Do you have any big goals you are working against?

    As far as my social media and particularly my Instagram goes I’m always looking to evolve and create new and exciting content. I love when someone says they’re inspired by my work. I want to keep inspiring people to travel to different places, to change up their style and to enjoy life. Instagram is a community above all else and I want to keep my expanding mine and share ideas with everyone!


    Thank you so much, Chico!

  19. Men’s Shoe Model Guide

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    A guide to men’s classic shoe models


    In this new mini-series on shoemaking, leading up to the launch of our new line of Goodyear welted shoes, we will introduce you to everything from the classic shoe models, to the different constructions, lasts and bespoke shoemaking. First out is our intro to the classics, where with an array of different shoe models out there, it is not always easy to get our head around the differences between the different models and how they came to be ‘the classics’.
    In this quick, easy and illustrated guide we will run you through the basic types of classic men’s shoes, those that are regarded as the classics today and are the starting point and reference guide to most men’s shoes today. That ones that have been our reference point and inspiration when we designed the upcoming new range of Goodyear welted shoes at Stig Percy.




    An intro to The Classics

    The fact in that what we regard as the classics today, whether bespoke or factory produced today, started out as the result of competition between the European shoemakers between 1880-1889. The bespoke shoemakers of Paris, London, Munich, Vienna and Budapest needed to differentiate themselves and became world-renown for their skills and designs. There are three ways to categorise shoes, primarily by the style of the construction but also be defined by their fastening and thirdly is the presence, or absence, of punched perforations called brogueing (We will return to brogueing later on). According to the Hungarian shoemaker Vass, there are less than a dozen basic classic shoe styles, but limitless of variation when designing individual models.


    Bespoke Shoemaking

    Bespoke shoemaking is on the uprising again, with new shoemakers making a name for themselves, however, we thought we would mention a few of the most famous bespoke shoemakers. There’s John Lobb, George Cleverley and Crockett & Jones in London, Vass in Hungary, J.M. Weston in Paris, Norman Vilalta in Barcelona and Santoni in Italy. We are huge fans of London based bespoke shoemakers Carré&Ducker, with who our founder has trained, and is still training, with. Bespoke shoes are always handmade and most of the time Goodyear welted, depending on the shoe. But this is a topic that we will return to later on.



    According to Lazlo Vass, the Hungarian shoemaker, it was the Irish farmers who were the first to decorate their shoes with patterns of punched holes. This was due to their shoes becoming waterlogged due to the wet grounds on which they worked. They started punching holed on their toecaps and quarters on their heavy leather shoes so that the inside would dry better and faster.
    This type of shoes first spread to gamekeepers in England, and later to the aristocratic circles that went hunting with them. And from thereon the brogueing was transferred to thinner leathers and more elegant patterns, and it’s original function forgotten.

    So what is brogueing?

    Brogueing is referring to a decorative punched hole pattern often seen on Oxford and Derby models. There are full-brogue and semi-brogue, the only difference being that the toe–cap on a full-brogue are winged and straight on a semi-brogue.





    The Oxford

    The Oxford is considered the most elegant and formal English men’s shoe that came into fashion around 1880. The Oxford is recognised by its closed lacing and is on the original model threaded through five pairs of eyelets and fastened so only the tip of the tongue can be seen. John Lobb is known to have created the prototype for what we consider the modern Oxford, in his studio about 100 years ago.

    The Derby

    The Derby has an open lacing and is much easier to get into than an Oxford. The Derby has through history been worn in all of Europe and is often seen in many variations: Plain, Full-Brogue and Semi-Brogue. It is considered an elegant shoe as well, depending on the design, but equally considered a casual shoe.

    The Monk

    This model is named due to its resemblance to the sandals worn by monks. The design is recognized by its buckle closure; its two quarters are attached together by one or more buckles.
    The Monk is considered both an elegant and a casual shoe.

    The Loafer

    This ‘family of styles’ includes a variety of designs and models, such as the slipper, the car shoe and the boat shoe as well – we could easily write a chapter on this topic alone. The common sign is that it’s a lighter shoe, often made with softer leather and a thinner sole that you just slip onto your foot without a closure. The loafer itself also has a variety of designs, such as penny loafers with its decorative leather bar laid across the tongue or the tassel loafer with tassels decorating the tongue.


    Boots are a wide category of shoes, which deserves an article on its own. However, boots were first and foremost made to protect our feet in harsher weather conditions, but the same materials and techniques are used as when making shoes. Classically, boots are considered casual and not suitable for formal occasions.




    As mentioned, these models are considered ‘the classics’, that does not mean you cannot go outside the box and get personal and creative. Consider them as guidelines rather than rules: These models came to be through shoemaker’s creativity, to begin with! We thought we’d give you a sneak peek to what our sketchbook looks like, so we attached a photo of the original sketches of what became our Stig 4 model. Stig 4 is a model that is inspired by a monk strap but re-imagined!



    We mentioned in the beginning of this article that we have a line of Goodyear welted shoes coming, both for men and women. The line is due to launch later on this fall. We still like to keep a few secrets on what’s coming, but sign up to our newsletter below and be the first to know!

  20. The Bullet Point: Artist Maggie Xie

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    In this month’s edition of ‘The Bullet Point’ we meet a young artist using fashion as a sense of empowerment and sefl-expresssion. Meet the young Canadian surface artist Maggie Xie and talk about style, sustainability and footwear!
    words by Linda Nyberg



    “When I get dressed in the morning, I become who I really am that day” Maggie Xie, Surfacing Artist at Guru Studio in Toronto, once told me. Maggie later explained how she every day learn more about what it means to be a modern, independent woman and the fact that Stig Percy can be a part of that is an honour.


    Maggie has a lot of shoes but prefers a pair that she can walk confidently and quickly in, at the same time as they’re comfortable and flattering. “If they are made with sustainability, it’s even better”, she said. Maggie and I have talked about sustainability in fashion before and it’s something that Stig Percy takes very seriously, therefore we were thrilled when she wanted to collaborate with us. We like Maggie Xie because first of all, her style is impeccable. She combines the classics with the unpredictable and makes it look professional and playful at the same time. Secondly, she’s a modern and truly inspiring, hard-working woman who radiates girl power and loves fashion.


    “I think I love fashion more than dating. I usually think about what trend I want to invest in or what trend won’t last long. I love learning about new brands too, especially if they’re local”, we definitely agree with Maggie, that’s why Stig Percy wants to provide quality and timelessness worth investing in. There are so many negative aspects of consumption and we want to provide people with shoes that last instead of fast fashion.



    “The best thing about fashion is the way it makes me feel. It’s a boost of confidence to put on something that I feel good in […] It always becomes apparent to me when I get dressed for a job interview, what we wear is important! The bad thing is over the years I’ve seen how much textile waste I’ve created, so I try to shop thrift or consignment. Textiles are a huge pollutant and I make an effort to wear everything many times before I donate it or take it to a clothing swap”, at Stig Percy, taking care of what you have and being responsible for where your belongings end up when you want to make room for something else, is a core value. That’s why we thought Maggie represents what we at Stig Percy value in a customer.

    “I plan to wear Stig Percy shoes to work, on a walk, going for dinner with friends. I think they’re a go-to classic shoe! I would wear some high rise black trousers, a crop top and a chequered blazer or a pretty white dress. You can really wear them with anything!”



    What does your shoe wardrobe look like? 

    I have a lot of shoes but I always make sure I can walk confidently in them! I wear a lot of heels since I’m a bit short, but the style is usually a bit androgynous. Some chunky heels and boots! I have to say I own a lot of black shoes since they look professional, flirty and match everything.


    What qualities do you value in a pair of shoes? 

    I think it’s important to be able to walk quickly in any shoe I choose. They have to be comfortable, versatile and flattering. If they don’t give me a lot of blisters, then it’s a good shoe! If they are made with sustainably, it’s even better.


    Tell us about your favourite pair of shoes!

    I think my favourite pair right now are my black heeled booties. They just look good with everything and are so comfortable. I love all shoes though, everyone loves shoes, they take you where you want to go!


    How would you wear a pair of Stig Percy shoes? 

    I plan to wear Stig Percy shoes to work, on a walk, going for dinner with friends. I think they’re a go-to classic shoe! I would wear some high rise black trousers, a crop top and a checkered blazer or a pretty white dress. You can really wear them with anything!



    Thank you, Maggie Xie, you inspire us.

    Check her out here:


    Shop the Black Stig 3 loafers that Maggie is wearing here!

  21. New collaboration with Danish interior blogger Bungalow 5

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    Stig Percy x Bungalow 5

    Our love for good, honest and simple Scandinavian design goes beyond footwear. We want to enhance other talents within the Scandinavian design world that share the Stig Percy values and vision. Hence, we invited the inspiring Danish interior blogger Allan Torp, aka Bungalow 5, to do an exciting design collaboration with us. He is a busy man splitting his time between Copenhagen and L.A. who runs Denmark’s biggest interior design blog, we had a little chat with Allan to talk about his vision of Scandinavian design in the world, his newly released book on the topic and the pair of sneakers that he is working on with us!




    Tell me about yourself, how would you summarize yourself?

    I am Allan, 30 something Copenhagen and LA Dweller interiors friend, car-loving self-confessed shoe addict, health freak and world traveller with a taste for delicious foods. I am drawn to the simple, but good and carefree life.


    You say you love design in all of its forms, how did you get into interior design?

    I actually started my adult life training to be an accountant, but quickly found it way too boring for me. I found comfort in the fashion industry, which I loved in my 20s, but as it too became unfashionable, I found interior. When I started, there was not really any other Danish interior bloggers out there, so I thought, why not start one? I had just finished the renovation of my first real apartment, so it seemed perfect to start sharing my ideas with the world.


    Why do you think your design blog became so popular? What were you doing differently?

    It is very hard to say. For one, I think people liked that it wasn’t all too girly, which interior quickly can be. If you pick up most interior magazines they are targeted a female audience, also I was and have never been, afraid of speaking my mind, and even though it is a lot more commercial these days, I am still telling the truth.


    Being one of Denmark’s biggest design bloggers, you must have had the chance to work on some great projects. What’s by far the most exciting you have had the chance to try so far?

    Very true. I have worked with the majority of Danish design brands, and honestly, it is hard to pick one out. I loved working with different Danish design brands on a concept I came up with a few years ago, a combined food and design experience called Feast. It was set in my own home, where 14 readers could buy a seat around the big dining table for a night full of great foods and talks. Writing a book was of course also a huge milestone for me, and now I am slowly starting to work more and more on actually creating and designing products with companies, just like Stig Percy. And I really love that I am capable of working with brands outside the interior world as well.


    A lot of people think of Scandinavian design as minimalistic and monochrome, how do you see Scandinavian design?

    If you look at the majority of Danish and Scandinavian design brands that might be true, but lately a few is also pushing the concept influenced by how the small the world has truly become. Travelling has never been easier (or cheaper), so people see a lot more of the world, which also means that our interiors are influenced by that. The core vibes and concepts of Scandinavian is still very much the same, great long-lasting design, but colours and materials are changing ever so often.


    How do you feel that Scandinavian design has influenced other markets?

    I think Scandinavia is a major influence on so many markets around the world, especially the food and interior scene is highly sought after. Our effortless approach to how we dress, how we live and eat is something people around the world want as well. They visit Copenhagen for a week and instantly want to move here. Throughout the last decade, the world has just become much smaller, travelling has never been easier (and cheaper), and you can almost not check-in to any hotel around the world without spotting some Scandinavian design.


    You recently released a book on the topic, tell us more about it, what is the idea behind it?

    Right from the beginning, my vision was: to create a platform for the simple, bright and Scandinavian look, which is known throughout the world. I have worked with the majority of the most know Danish brands and I try to keep pushing the boundaries on defining good blogging. The book itself is a thorough room by room guide to achieving the Scandinavian style, with the description of colours, favourite pieces and how you with easy steps can live like a real Scandinavian. Part of the book is also a whole genesis of this design phenomenon.

    (Note: You can find Allan’s book here!)




    We are excited to work on this design project with you! When you start a creative process, where do you find your inspiration and how do you go about it?

    Very quickly I form ideas in my head, and almost intuitive I start looking at similar products. I look at the brand, see what’s missing in the collection, and I even, for selfish reasons, of course, look at what I miss. Pretty fast my initial idea evolves to a proper drawing with a clear view. The hard part might be transforming those ideas into an actual product, but that’s up to the experts, i.e. you.

    When it comes down to fashion design, what is your view on design and personal style?

    I really like fashion, I am just not really following trends that much, like now with the 90s design being back in fashion. I just don’t get it. In the same way, as when I write and talk about interior design, I create my own style. I am told I have a very good eye for details, especially in interior. When it comes to my own personal fashion style, I tend to stick with what I know looks good on me, usually not a lot of colours, why wardrobe is a lot of blue, white and grey.

    Shoes say a lot about a person, would you agree? What is in your shoe wardrobe?

    As I said, I am quite the show addict, that’s the one thing where I might go a bit crazy and add colour. I am known for owning a lot of shoes, so you pretty much find everything in my stacks of shoes, although I have cut down my collection A LOT recently. I think I only have about 40 pairs now, but that number was about 140 just a few years ago. I love a good sneaker, but more and more you’ll see me in a nicer dress shoe or slip-on throughout the summer.

    Finally, what’s next for you? Do you have any big goals you are working against?

    Designing products for brands is definitely a big goal for me; some are already on its way. So, expect to see some very soon. I would love to work more on collabs with other bloggers as well and who knows, I might write another book. It has been a pretty hectic 2018 so far, so I might just take a few months off, but knowing myself, that probably won’t happen either.


    Interested to learn more about Allan / Bungalow 5 and his work? 

    Visit his’s webpage!

    And follow Bungalow 5 on Instagram!



    The Design Collaboration: News and Process


    We are excited to have started this collaboration with Allan, and we will share our experiences and the journey with you throughout the process! Stay tuned for more news regarding the sneaker that we are working on, we are in the process of product development and we are soon going to Porto to visit the factory together. Sign up to our email list at the bottom of this page and be the first to know!




  22. The Bullet Point: Jazz singer Amanda Andréas

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    For our first ever edition of our new project The Bullet Point, a project to enhance driven and talented personalities that we admire, we talked to the rising Swedish jazz singer Amanda Andréas, she tells us about her praised debut single, her love for jazz and personal style.


    (As the interview was in Swedish we have two versions, scroll down for the English version)



    Hur skulle du presentera dig själv? Vem är Amanda Andréas?

    Först och främst som låtskrivare som älskar att framföra låtarna live. Och sedan som regissör. Kanske som scenkonstnär om jag unnar mig att ta i.


    Du är även skådespelerska, när tog kärleken till musiken över?

    Jag har haft lyxen att kombinera teater och musik i nästan hela mitt arbetsliv. Först i form av musikteater och sedan har jag komponerat verk till olika föreställningar. Men det var först för tre år sedan som jag upptäckte att jag kunde skriva låtar till och utifrån mig själv.


    Vad var det som fick dig att falla för just Jazz? Vad betyder Jazz för dig?

    Jag älskar jazzen för att den är fri och levande även på scen. Den påminner mycket om att spela teater faktiskt. Om att bejaka och ta och ge impulser. Jazzen håller min förälskelse till musiken vid liv. Det blir det aldrig statiskt eller sömnigt.


    Du släppte precis din debut singel ’Var är vi nu?’, berätta mer om den, var kommer inspirationen ifrån och vad handlar den om?

    Låten växte fram efter att jag en längre tid hade funderat mycket över tiden, både vår samtid och den tid som tickar. Antagligen eftersom jag och min morfar, Gunnar Arnborg, under det senaste året har gjort en diktbok som snart ska ges ut och att tiden var så central i det arbetet. Vi förhöll oss så olika till tiden men var båda fast i den på något vis. Jag frilansar och hade svårt att få tiden att räcka till och han ville bli färdig med boken innan han blev allt för gammal. Han är 91 år. Vi tror oss brottas med olika deadlines helt enkelt. Sedan har vi många andra tankar gemensamt som fått ta plats i låten. Vi är båda två textförfattare, han i bokform och jag inom musik, och även om varken han eller jag vill erkänna det så hoppas vi ju på att bli ihågkomna och att våra drömmar inte ska ”ebba ut i verkligheten”. Vem vet, det kanske alla hoppas på?

    Min önskan med ”Var är vi nu?” är att få mig själv och andra som lyssnar att ifrågasätta vår tid och hur vi förhåller oss till den. Verserna berör olika ämnen, som t.ex. den fjärde versen där jag vill ifrågasätta vår tids politik: ”När vi står där inför livet hörn. Och vi svurit vår sista bön. Kommer dom då skilja oss efter vilken stad vi var barn?”. Jag vill med det ställa frågan: Vilka tror vi att vi är som tar oss rätten att bestämma vem som ska få leva i trygghet och vem som ska skickas till krig bara för de på pappret är födda där? Även om de inte levt i det landet sedan de var nyfödda.


    Du fick fantastiska hyllningar vid din debut, du blev jämförd med en av Sveriges kändaste jazzsångerskor Monica Zetterlund, vars flygel du även spelade in din singel på, det är fantastiskt! Är hennes musik en stor inspiration till din, vilka musiker ser du mest upp till?

    Jag är otroligt tacksam och rörd över det! Monica är ju en av anledningarna till att jag sjunger. Hon har gett mig mod att fokusera på frasering och text, istället för höga toner och pampiga vibraton. Utöver Zetterlund så inspireras jag mycket av Barbro Hörberg och Lisa Ekdahl. Två låtskrivare som båda två skriver text och musik som jag, samt som vågar lyfta det kvinnliga perspektivet.

    Finns det en dröm att uppnå med musiken, t.ex. en scen du drömmer om att få spela på? En viss publik att nå ut till? Något att förmedla med dina låt texter?

    Jag drömmer om att få fortsätta jobba med musik resten av mitt liv. Där har jag Lill Lindfors som en stor förebild. Hon fullkomligt lyser av spelglädje och professionalitet trots, eller tack vare, att hon är över 70 fyllda. Jag skulle vilja gå i hennes fotspår och blanda stora och små scenerna.

    Vi vill gärna komma och se dig live, var kan man fånga dig i höst?

    Åå det hade varit så kul om ni kom! Bland annat kommer jag att gästa Augustifamiljen på Greatafestivalen den 18 aug och Taubescenen på Liseberg den 31 aug. Därefter ska vi göra klart albumet och åka ut turné i november som avslutas med en konsert på Vara Konserthus tillsammans med Bo Sundström från Bo Kaspers Orkester den 12 dec.



    Låt oss prata lite om hur du ser på personligt uttryck utöver musiken, hur du ser på design och kläder.


    Jag använder få plagg faktiskt. Jag försöker välja ut några stasser per år och sedan använder jag dom tills dom nästan går sönder. Vissa kanske tycker det är tråkigt men jag älskar att bli förknippad med några signumplagg. Sedan är det ju hållbart också för både miljön och ekonomin. Bättre få riktigt bra outfits istället för slit och släng och sisådär snyggt.


    Hur klär du dig när du ska stå på scen? Finns det en baktanke med det du har på dig när du går på?

    På scen däremot älskar jag att variera scenkläder för att göra tillfället mer unikt. Mestadels, för att inte säga alltid, blir det långklänning. Gärna med en retrokänsla. Jag tillåter mig att få blomma ut i det kvinnliga. För mig är den styrkan på scen oslagbar. Blommor, färg, sammet och guld. Det blir också en härlig kontrast till mina vardagliga texter. Även skorna får gärna skapa kontrast på scenen då jag hellre bär ett par loafers än högklackat.


    Vissa klär på sig för att uttrycka vem de är medan andra inte bryr sig allt för mycket, vad spelar kläder och skor för roll i ditt liv?

    Jag är inte så intresserad av trender. Varken inom musik, teater eller mode. Jag eftersträvar det tidlösa och det som får en att ta med kunskap från historien in i vår samtid. Därför älskar jag vintage. Både att bära och i form av analogt ljud. Det är en viss känsla när en känner att något är på riktigt. Att något har fått ta tid att bli som det är. Gediget hantverk är det jag faller för. Jag har också ett eget, hemligt, motto jag brukar följa på morgonen: Klä dig så du alltid kan gå in på en föreställningspremiär utan att byta om. För oftast hinner jag aldrig hem mellan jobbet och kvällen.


    Vi är av den åsikten att skorna säger mycket om en person, skulle du instämma? Vad finns in din sko garderob?

    Nja, inte helt. Jag hoppas vi upplever varandra mer utifrån vad vi gör, men jag tror att skorna ofta avgör vad vi har möjlighet att göra. Jag älskar till exempel att gå. Långt och länge. Helst i stora städer. Det är få stunder som en kan lapa i sig så mycket inspiration som när en går gata upp och ner i till exempel Paris, Lissabon och New York. Så ett par bekväma loafers som funkar på dammiga gator, operahus och källarklubb är att föredra. Gärna som håller i tio år och många skomakarbesök. För när jag väl hittar de perfekta skorna gör jag allt för att få fortsätta leva i dom så länge som möjligt. Dessa gröna tillexempel kommer jag inte att ge upp i första taget!


    För oss på SP är hållbarhet en ’key factor’ i allt vi gör. Hur ser du på hållbarhet, finns det ett hållbarhetstänk i din garderob?

    Jag älskar att SP satsar på det. Helt grym! Själv försöker jag leva så hållbart som möjligt. Nu i sommar har vi gjort allt för att skippa plast. Det har tyvärr inte gått fullt ut men utmaningen har verkligen fått mig att inse hur mycket onödiga föremål vi köper, framför allt i form av engångsförpackningar. Så tack för att ni skapat skorna jag vandrat många gator för att hitta och som kommer vara med mig genom tiden, både på och bortanför scenen!


    Följ Amanda på Instagram: @amandaandreas  och besök hennes hemsida.

    Lyssna på Amandas debut singel Var är vi nu’ på Spotify!


    English Version:


    How would you describe yourself? Who is Amanda Andréas?

    First and foremost (I would describe myself) as a songwriter who loves to perform the songs live. And also as a director. Perhaps even as a stage artist if I allow myself to elaborate.


    You are also an actress, when did your love for music take over? 

    I have had the luxury to combine theatre and music in almost my entire professional life. First it was musical theatre then I have composed songs for various performances. But it wasn’t until three years ago that I discovered that I could write songs from and to myself.


    What made you fall for jazz? What does jazz mean to you? 

    I love jazz because it’s free and alive even on stage. Actually, it reminds me a lot about theatre. It’s about encouraging and to give and take impulses. Jazz keeps my infatuation with music alive. It never becomes static or dull.


    You have just released your debut single ‘Where are we now?’, tell us more about it, where does your inspiration come from and what is it about?

    The song grew from me having reflected on the topic of time recently, both the contemporary and the one that’s ticking. Probably because my grandfather, Gunnar Arnborg, and me have during the past year worked on a book of poems (that is soon to be released) where the topic of time has been crucial to the work. We both related to time very differently from each other, yet we were both stuck in it somehow. I freelance and I found it hard to find enough time and he wanted to finish the book before he got too old. He is 91 years old. Basically, we think we battle with different deadlines. We also have a lot of common thoughts that have shaped the song. We are both writers in different ways, he writes books and I write songs, and even if none of us wants to admit it, we both wish to be remembered and that our dreams are not ‘lost to reality’. Who knows, maybe that’s what everybody wants?


    My wish with ‘Where are we now?’ is to make me, and everyone who’re listening, to question our time and how we relate ourselves to it. The verses all relate to different topics, i.e. in the fourth verse I want to question our time’s politics: “When we stand there facing life’s corner. And we have said our last prayer. Will they then separate us after in which city we were kids?”. The question I want to ask is: Who do we think we are that give us the right to decide who gets to live in safety and who gets to go to war just because they happen to be, on paper, born there? Even though they have never been to that country since.


    You received amazing response for your debut single, you were compared to Sweden’s most famous jazz singer, the late Monica Zetterlund, on who’s grand piano the single was recorded, it’s fantastic! Has her music inspired yours? Who are the musicians that you admire?

    I’m ever so grateful and touched by the response! Monica is one of the reasons to why I sing. She has given me courage to focus on phrasing and lyrics, instead of high notes and pompous vibrations. Apart from Zetterlund, I am inspired by musicians Barbro Hörberg and Lisa Ekdahl. Two songwriters and lyricists who write music like me and dare to emphasize the female perspective.


    Is there a dream that you are working against, i.e. a certain stage you would like to perform on, a certain crowd to reach or a message that you would like to communicate with your songs?

    My dream is to be able to work with music for the rest of my life. (Swedish singer) Lill Lindfors is a big role model for me, she’s full of life and glowing with her scene presence and professionalism even though, or maybe it’s thanks to, that she’s over 70 years old. I’d like to follow her footsteps and play at both the big and the small scenes.


    We’d love to come and see you live, where are you playing this fall?

    Ohh, I’d love it if you come! For instance, I am performing together with Augustifamiljen at the Greata festival on August 18th and at Liseberg in Gothenburg on August 31st. Afterwards I am finishing off the full album and o on tour in November. The tour will be finished off with a concert at Vara Konserthus on December 12th together with Bo Sundström from the Swedish band Bo Kaspers Orkester.

    Let’s discuss your take on personal expression apart from your music!


    I use a few garments actually. I try to choose a few outfits per year and then I use them until they almost fall apart. Some may see it as boring, but I like to be associated with a few key pieces. It’s also sustainable both for the environment and my economy. Better to get a few great outfits instead of throwaway fashion and ‘decent but not great’ looks.


    How do you dress for the stage? Is there a thought behind every outfit?

     I love to vary my scene outfits to make each occasion more unique. Most of the time, but not always, I choose long dresses and preferably one with a retro vibe. I allow myself on stage to embrace femininity, for me there’s strength to it on stage – flowers, colours, velvet and gold! It also creates a lovely contrast to my mundane lyrics. The shoes may also create contrast on stage, I much prefer wearing a pair of loafers than high heels.


    Some dress to express whereas some do not really care too much, what role does clothes and shoes play in your life?

    I’m not that interested in trends; not in music, theatre or fashion. I strive for the timeless and that what allows you to bring knowledge from the past into the now. That’s why I love vintage. Both in terms of clothing and analogue sound, there’s a certain feeling when you know that something is for real. That something has taken time to become what it is – I fall for true craftsmanship. I have my own, secret, motto that I follow every morning: Get dressed every morning so that you can go to a show premiere without having to get changed. Because I don’t, more than often, have time to go home and get changed between work and the evening.


    We believe that the shoes say a lot about a person, would you agree? What is in your shoe wardrobe?

     Hmm, not completely. I hope that we experience each other more based on what we do, but I think the shoes often determines what we can do. For instance, I like to walk. I like to take long walks and walk for a long time, preferably in big cities. There are few occasions that allows you to devour so much inspirations as when you get to walk up and down the streets of cities such as Paris, Lisbon or New York for instance. So a pair of loafers that works on dusty streets, opera buildings or in a basement club is to prefer. Preferably a pair that last ten years and several trips to the cobbler; because when I find the perfect pair I’ll do anything to live in them for as long as possible. These green ones for instance (note: the Stig 3 in Bottle Green) I will never give up on!


    Sustainability is the ‘key factor’ in everything we do at Stig Percy. What is you view on sustainability, is there a sustainable thought to your wardrobe?

    I love that SP goes for it. Amazing! Personally I try to live as sustainable as possible. This summer we’ve done everything to avoid all plastic. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked to 100% but it’s been a great challenge that has made me realize how many unnecessary items we buy, especially disposable packaging. So thank you for having made the shoes that I have wondered many streets to find and that will stay with me through time, both on and off stage!


    Follow Amanda on Instagram: @amandaandreas and visit her webpage.

    Listen to Amanda’s debut single Var är vi nu’! on Spotify


  23. Stig 3: A Limited Brooklyn Edition

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    Stig Percy x Goose Barnacle: A Second Limited Edition

    Remember we did a limited Stig Percy edition of our Stig 4‘s for an amazing menswear store in Brooklyn called Goose Barnacle? Well, we designed a second exclusive model for our friend David, and this time we made an edition of our loafer model Stig 3. The special edition is made with vegetable tanned dark brown leather from the Swedish tannery Tärnsjö Garveri  on a wedge rubber sole, they are a sleek and modern take on a classic loafer and they are different from anything else out there.

    They are now available in his store on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights, a buzzing neighbourhood that we visited in January for the launch of the first edition. We gathered a little neighbourhood guide that you should read if you are planning on visiting the area – and Goose Barnacle of course!



  24. A London Photoshoot

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    Stig Percy new photoshoot in London


    There is nothing like London really. It’s quirky, diverse and multi-cultural and there is something for everyone, including great places to do an inspirational photoshoot for men.

    With inspiration drawn from the charming sleek elegance of the 1950’s adapted to the modern man, Stig Percy packed some of our favourite shoes together with styling from a mix of British menswear brands such as Oliver Spencer, Reiss, Dries Van Noten and Topman. We paired our shoes with light-weighted pressed summer trousers, spin-offs of the now-in-trend short-sleeved shirt and Hawaii shirt, leather belt and a (very much in trend) pink 50’s style cardigan: Everything you need this summer for a successful summer wardrobe.

    Together with our London based musician friend Axel Jansson we scouted a location fit for the photoshoot; Trinity Buoy Warf, a once-booming engineering establishment in the 19th and 20th century that repaired, tested and built new iron buoys then coming into use. Nowadays, Trinity Buoy Warf is a quirky part of the east London area called The Docklands. You find a 50’s diner in an old train carriage placed right by the old industrial lighthouse building, a lighthouse boat turned music recording studio and a warehouse with half of its roof removed and turned into an urban garden with palm trees and other exotic plants. It was a great location for a photoshoot!


    We hope you enjoy our summer editorial and shop some shoes!



    Model: Sam Grundy-Glynn


    Digital:Our founder, Mathilde Jansson 

    Analogue: Axel Jansson

    Assistants: Lisa Blom & Paulina Kolmodin






  25. Stig Percy x Miksajo

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    New Retailer: Miksajo


    We have the hottest of news to share with you; our newly released sneaker Stig 5 in Powder Pink is now exclusively available at the accessory shop Miksajo in Gothenburg, Sweden.

    Miksajo is the store that got everything right, it’s a unisex accessory and lifestyle store located on Vallgatan in Gothenburg. Their goal is to mix brands, expressions and styles and they succeed splendidly in doing so. With a curated selection of well-designed goods that is hard to find elsewhere, it’s safe to say that Miksajo offers everything you need for a stand-out personal style.


    When in Gothenburg, pay them a visit at Vallgatan 14, 411 16 Gothenburg




  26. Our New Head Quarters and Showroom

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    Come visit our new showroom!


    We recently moved into a new head office situated in an old industrial building in the hip area Majorna in Gothenburg, it’s an airy room with high ceilings and big windows overlooking the harbour.


    Our new space will function as our local showroom and we welcome professional as well as private customers to visit us by appointment. To come and try some shoes on and have a coffee, please get in touch with us at!


    Find us here:

    Karl Johansgatan 29, 414 59 Gothenburg

  27. New Drop: The Stig 5 Sneakers

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    The Stig 5

    We welcome our latest addition to the Stig Percy collection; the sneaker model Stig 5. They come in Powder Pink and a caramel brown for Spring and is available in both men and women’s sizes.



    Stig 5 is a sleek and minimal sneaker that sits elegantly on the foot. Referencing vintage sneakers and details of classic leather shoes, the Stig 5 is a sophisticated sneaker with a simple aesthetic that means that they can be worn with everything from tailored trousers or a flimsy dress to a pair of sweatpants.



    We care about what materials we use and just like our other shoes, our sneakers are made with environmentally friendly, vegetable tanned leather. The sole is made with recycled rubber and they have an extra cushioned insole for comfort; these sneakers are made to last. We always urge you to take good care of your shoes, don’t forget to take care of your sneakers as well! If you’re uncertain, read our simple shoe care guide.


    Shop Now!








  28. Stig 4 in powder pink for men

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    This season’s trend colour: PINK

    Who said pink are for girls (only)? It’s time for men to update their spring wardrobe since pink is not going away anytime soon – Pink may just be the trendiest colour for Spring/Summer 2018 and the colour is here to stay for a few seasons to come. Go head-to-toe if you dare or just add a splash of the colour, if you’re hesitant but curious on how to wear it, there are quite a few trend inspiration guides such as The Idle Man or GQ’s trends for men guide!

    We think you should walk the walk and grab yourself a pair of our newest release: our limited edition of our popular model Stig 4 in Powder Pink, get your hands on a pair fresh off the shelf from our webshop!

    Style Advice

    Not sure how to wear monk-strapped shoes? It’s not as tricky as it seems, this minimal monk-strap model is perfect with classic tailoring as Mr.Porter said it. They also work equally well worn with a pair of cropped trousers and sweater, or a pair of classic jeans and a white T-shirt.



  29. Three Things To Know About Our Leather

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    Be The Positive One

    Apart from looking sleek and standing out, our shoes are also doing good – both for you and for the environment. We have listed three interesting things to know about why our leather makes all the difference.

    1. No Nasty Metals

    The final leather is heavy metal and chrome-free, which is not only good for the environment but for your health as well. Metals used in the tanning process of ‘regular’ leather can, when sweating, be absorbed by the skin.


    2. Reduction In Water Consumption

    The amount of water used in the process from raw hides to the final leather is heavily reduced. The pre-treatment of the raw hides require less water and there is a water re-usage in the tanning process.



    3. Lower Emissions of CO2

    The process of achieving the Oak Tanned leather also contributes to a healthier environment and human beings through lower emissions of CO2 as well as keeping the emission of the cancerogenic gas Formaldehyde to a minimum.


    Learn More

    The leather is one of man’s oldest and most useful discoveries, and it is a wonderful material. However, the industry today is toxic and we are proud of the vegetable tanned option that we are using. If you are interested in learning more about the leather industry we have written a full guide on vegetable tanned leather, the industry and why it is important to us.


    Furthermore, you can contribute to a better environment and make your shoes last by taking good care of your shoes. Click on the image bellow to get to our quick and easy shoe care guide!

  30. Iceland

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    Stig Percy x Iceland!


    We are happy to announce that our women’s shoes are now available at the wonderful store Kvenfataverzlun Kormáks&Skjaldar in trendy Reykjavik!

    Kromák&Skjaldar have two stores, for men and women, located in central Reykjavik. They are focused on good quality products and craftsmanship with a vibe that is inspired by British tailoring and grooming traditions, mixed with a Nordic sincerity.


    Check them out on Instagram(Images below courtesy of @kormakurogskjoldur)







  31. Campaign: Women

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    Get Inspired!


    In Powder Pink, Bottle Green and Black – our women’s footwear collection is the latest addition to the Stig Percy world. Get inspired by our campaign that was shot in Gothenburg, and portrays the Stig Percy aesthetics of Scandinavian minimalism styled with soft tailoring, textures, and dashes of colour.


    The Lookbook and Retail opportunities

    Interested in receiving our lookbook and our retail price list, please get in touch with us via email on



    Shot by Volha Hapanenka

    Model: Vilda Nilsson @ Up North Managemen

  32. The Brooklyn Debrief

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    Stig Percy x Goose Barnacle: The Event


    This past weekend Stig Percy hosted an event together with Goose Barnacle in their store in Brooklyn Heights, in order to celebrate the launch of our special edition All Black Stig 4 model that we have developed in collaboration with Goose Barnacle.

    We had a great time meeting our American customers and getting to know David, the owner, at his on-spot independent men’s shop – an ideal location for our shoes. Read more about Goose Barnacle bellow!

    Goose Barnacle: The Store

    Goose Barnacle, is a men’s independent shop perfectly located on Atlantic Avenue in trendy Brooklyn Heights. The store was founded by David Alperin, who is a 5th generation Brooklyn Heights resident, opened his store 8 years ago. The name, Goose Barnacle, refers back to David’s Spanish roots and is named after a Northern Spanish shellfish delicacy his grandmother use to serve him as a child when he would come visit. The store in that kind of independent shop that is rare to find today, with an old-fashioned touch in the sense that it’s personal, inviting and has a very well-curated and covetable selection of clothing and accessories. The service is impeccable and personal and the shop has a familiar ambiance but filled with on-spot quality clothing. The selection includes several Scandinavian brands, apart from Stig Percy, there’re gloves from Swedish Hestra gloves and a mix of Danish brands such as Soulland, Han Kjobenhavn, and Henrik Vibskov.

    The store is constantly transforming and evolving, you can sense the heritage yet it’s being kept young and fresh. It partly serves as an art gallery and there’s a new exhibition by contemporary artists quarterly. There are a few pieces relating to David’s neighborhood history, one of the few permanent installations in the shop, though, is a decades-old wooden phone booth that used to reside across the street in the old Long Island Bar (image bellow), which was owned and operated by Alperin’s grandmother. The latest addition to this rare shop is a newly-built sports bar at the back of the shop. David, who is a big soccer fan and runs a Goose Barnacle official soccer team, wanted to recreate the ambiance of a Spanish village sports bar where the locals meet, drink and watch a game together, and his aim is for this bar to become a member’s club for his regular customers. What better way could there be to renew the neighborhood’s past, present, and future?







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    We have a new retailer in Brooklyn!


    We have some exciting news to share with you, Stig Percy is coming to Brooklyn! We have created a special edition of our Stig 4 in collaboration with Goose Barnacle in NYC that launched today. The exclusive Stig 4 model, designed for the shop, is all black and made with oak tanned leather just like our other shoes. The special edition will be sold exclusively in their shop in Brooklyn as well as on their webshop. Go check them out!

    To celebrate the collaboration we are hosting an event in their shop on January 13th between 15-19pm on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn– save the date and see you there!





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    Editorial ‘Power of Design’ in Nakid Magazine.


    Our Stig 4 in brown was featured in an editorial shot by Volha Hapanenka and published in the underground fashion magazine Nakid Magazine!



    Volha Hapanenka
    AD and Mua:
    Hade Deneef
    Furniture designers:
    Sergio Rodrigues,Paulo Mendes da Rocha,Jader Almeida and Irmãos Campana /Located at Quartosala//PAU Brasil Lisbon.
    Lidija Kolovrat,Stig Percy ,Tucum Brasil
    Diogo Rafael @WeAreModels and Elite
    Tomas Diniz @WeAreModels

  35. THE BASIC SHOE CARE: A Quick and Simple Guide

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    We’ve recognized that there’re a lot of people who don’t take care of their shoes, simply because they’re not sure how to. Taking care of your shoes is vital to making your shoes last longer; keeping the leather conditioned helps prevent them from drying out and crack.

    We have therefore gathered a simple and basic shoe care guide to help you, it’s not hard, it does not require a lot of effort and it won’t take you a long time but your shoes will look impeccable!


    Start with making sure your shoes are clean, use a brush or damp cloth to remove any dirt.


    Your shoes need conditioning, it’s what keeps them soft and makes them last longer. The conditioner does not give the shine polish does, but it keeps them in good shape. Give your shoes conditioning once a month, be sure to use conditioning all over the shoe, rather more than less and make sure you get it into the seems as well. Use a clean cloth and rub it in with circular movements until the conditioner is absorbed. Set the shoes aside and wait until it’s absorbed, then brush your shoes with a hairbrush.


    Unlike conditioning, the polish gives the shine, but it does not condition. Use a clean cloth and apply cream evenly on your shoes. Rub in small circles. If you want to get into the seam, which is a good idea, you can use a toothbrush to make sure the polish gets in there. Again, let the shoe polish dry, then buff with a brush or dry cloth.


    Use shoe blocks in wood to keep the shoe in shape. Put the shoe blocks in your shoes every time you have used your shoes, not just when you have polished them.


    An old trick for extra shine: dab evenly with water on a clean cloth, rub in small circles with rolled up tights/old stockings.


    We have two favourite brands that we like to use. The first one, Tangentgc, is a Swedish based natural shoe and clothing care brand, with clean products that take care of the shoes without polluting the environment.

    Find them here!

    The second brand, The Shoe Snob, from France is better if you prefer a high shine, still natural and good, have a look at The Shoe Snob’s line of natural shoe polish here.


    Our shoes are made with vegetable tanned leather, a more environmentally friendly way to dye leather, hence why we urge you to use natural products to take care of your pair. If you want to learn more about our leather, read our leather article!

  36. Stig Percy x Women’s Sizes

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    After quite some inquiries from our customers and contemplating from our side, we decided at Stig Percy to produce our loafers, brogues and boots in female sizes as well. All of our sleek and modern classics made with vegetable tanned leather, Stig 1-4 now come in female sizes. We wanted to add a distinctive and recognizable touch to our female collection and decided to add Powder Pink as our accent colour. Apart from Powder Pink, the female Stig Percy’s come in Black and Bottle Green. What’s not to love!?


    We’d love to hear what you would like to see more from us, please get in touch with us with any feedback or inquiries to:



    Shop Now!





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    Don’t stop wearing you loafers and get your sock game on


    No matter the temperature, the Stig 3 season is not over yet. In fact, why not use your loafers all year around? When the temperature drops, get your sock game on and cover your ankles in block colours, textures, prints, you name it. Now, matching socks to your outfit scare a lot of men, but fear not, we have made a comprehensive guide on how to choose your socks to go with your loafers.


    The Stig 3 Loafer

    The Stig 3 is a loafer that works equally well with a suit and a dinner party as to a pair jeans on the weekend. The shoe is made of vegetable tanned leather with a double leather brim on the sole for effect and a durable rubber sole to endure rainy days. Choose between a classic Black, a sophisticated dark blue Blue, a sleek Brown or why not a Bottle Green to add some colour to your outfits.






    1. Block Colours and Textures

    If you are unsure about sock pairing; stick to plain colours, block colours and dress socks. When wearing a suit, or suit trousers, a general rule to stick to is to keep the colour of your socks matching to the trousers and choose a pair of socks that are either a shade darker or lighter than the trousers you’re wearing. Why not try a colourful pair of socks to your suit and match with the tie or pocket square!

    Textures are also a great way to play the sock game; a textured pair of socks is a sophisticated choice that ads that little extra to an outfit. Textures works well for anyone, whether you consider yourself classic or daring. Try a pair of Black Stig 3 with light grey suit trousers and pair of textured grey socks in a slightly darker shade, as in the picture bellow.




    2. Full-On Prints and Patterns

    Keep the rest of your outfit simple when going for full-on patterned socks. Again, try to match the base colour of the printed socks to your trousers. Or, why not co-ordinate your patterned socks with a pocket square when wearing a suit. If you are interested in going for patterned socks, but you do not know where to start, polka dots, stripes, and argyle are classic patterns that always works. If you feel slightly bolder, try a pair of colourful patterned pair of socks to light grey suit trousers!


    Full on prints:



    Fine Prints:


    A Few General Rules (although rules are made to be broken by the brave)
    • Match your socks with your suit trousers when wearing a suit
    • Choose a pair of socks that are either a shade darker or lighter than the trousers you’re wearing
    • Colourful socks with suits are acceptable to important work meetings and black tie events if you are confident enough to pull it off!
    • When opting for a pattered pair of socks, try to match the base colour with your trousers.
    • Plain white socks and suits are a NO!


    Last But Not Least


    A few good tips to a good sock game, that are hopefully useful when picking a pair of socks for your Stig 3. Don’t forget that the rules should be seen as guidelines, or rules to be broken!



  38. Stig Percy X CanallaGGTattoo Event Debrief

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    Thank you


    Thank you for joining us Friday night at our event with CanallaGGTattoo at Kastello in Gothenburg, we had a great time sipping cold brew coffee drinks, watching German do fantastic artwork on our shoes, while DJ Blake was playing tunes.


    Limited Edition

    We had a pair of bottle green Stig 4 in size 45 tattooed for Kastello, they’re a one off edition and will be sold at Kastello in Gothenburg. Jens from Kastello requested the motif, Death for Decaf and RIP for Tea. (See images bellow)
    If you can’t make it there and if you are interested, please get in touch with us at


    Stay Tuned for our next event!



  39. Stig Percy X CanallaGGTattoo Event

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    Join us for a night of shoes and tattoos!


    Stig Percy has joined forces with Argentinian tattoo artist Canallaggtattoo to host an epic evening of shoes and tattoos at Kastello Espresso bar in Gothenburg on Friday 8th of September.


    German Gabriel Canalla is an Argentinian tattoo artist currently on a European tour and we are having the pleasure to host an after work event together with him. German will be tattooing Stig Percy shoes live the entire evening while Jens, behind the counter at Kastello, will be mixing coffee drinks and DJ Blake, from MUTE SWAN, will be playing tunes. Our friends from The Watch Guys, a vintage watch company, based on the world-renowned trading street Hatton Garden in London, will be presenting a selection of vintage watches. They would love to answer your questions and tell you more about their passion for horology.

    Come hang out with us, drink coffee drinks and have your Stig Percy shoes tattooed!


    Tattoos can be made with black and white ink. If you already know you would like your shoes tattooed, please get in touch with us on Shoes will also be available to try and buy on the spot as well having them tattooed spontaneously.



    Time: 8/9 at 5pm until late

    Tattoo Price: German will charge 500-800kr depending on what you would like.

    Address: Landsvägsgatan 38, Göteborg Click here for Map!



  40. Our Leather

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    The Leather Industry & Sustainability

    It is hard to miss that we are mentioning our leather at any given opportunity; it is because the leather we are using is more environmentally friendly, which is really important to us. In fact, it is what we are all about – do what we can to make things a little bit better all the time. We continuously try to improve the ways we work and as we grow to become more and more sustainable. And we chose to start with the leather.

    You may ask yourself what makes it more environmentally friendly than other leather, so we would like to tell you more about the leather industry and the leather that we have chosen to work with.

    Leather is one of man’s oldest and most useful discoveries, and it is a wonderful material.
    Although, the leather industry today is known to be extremely toxic, due to the modern and standardized chrome dying technique invented in the 19th century. It is a highly damaging process, both to the environment and to us.

    That does not mean that leather industry could not be sustainable; Leather goods, per see, are sturdy products, and even with persistent use, they could last over a hundred years. There are also sustainable dying methods that can be applied to reduce the impact on the environment.

    So what makes it extremely toxic and why are brands still using it?

    As Mesh Chhibber (co-founder of Peau de Chagrin) wrote in his article for Business of Fashion “Well over three-quarters of the tanneries represented at any trade fair use the process of chrome tanning to turn animal hides into the leather that is used by high street, contemporary and luxury brands alike. Chrome tanning, a nineteenth-century invention, is an efficient, quick and inexpensive method that has obvious appeal to brands.”

    Although chrome tanning may be cheap for brands it comes at a price for the environment. Just like all heavy metals, Chrome is very toxic and the effluents highly damaging. The chromium salts used are harmful for both humanity and to the environment. Chromium VI, for instance, is a common waste product from the industry that has been found in the food industries water supplies in both developed and developing countries.

    What is the more sustainable option then?

    There is a more sustainable way to produce leather, it is called vegetable tanning and uses tanning acids from oak bark. It is a more time-consuming process and is more expensive, but it is far less damaging to the environment. There are a few tanneries around the world that work with vegetable tanning, such as Tärnsjö in Sweden, Tempesti in Italy and Carvalhos in Portugal. It is not only the fashion industry that works with vegetable tanned leather; the furniture and the car industries are clients as well. At Stig Percy, we have chosen to work with Carvalho’s Oak tanned leather range and with Tempesti in Tuscany.


    Carvalhos define their Oak tanned leather through two ecological guidelines: the production process and the product itself. The production process reduces the environmental impact to a minimum. It reduces water consumption and chemical charge in the effluent and its recycling, as well as the re-use of solid wastes as fertilizers, using natural dying of the leather at room temperatures and the reduction of volatile compounds emissions.
    To achieve the fully ecological product, it starts with fresh hides of Iberian origin that are then conserved by cold storage, without any other preserving agents. Then followed by a chrome and metal free tannage (wet-white), along with the use of metal-free dyestuffs and water-based finishes.


    Tempesti is Tuscany based tannery working solely with vegetable tanning for the past 70 years. All of their products match the specifications of the CONSORZIO VERA PELLE ITALIANA CONCIATA AL VEGETALE – or Consortium for Real Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather, of which it is a founding member.

    They ensure that their vegetable-tanned leather productive cycle is strictly monitored to ensure a low impact on the environment:

    • No animal is killed for its skin. On the contrary, the raw hides used by their tanneries are the discarded by-products of the food industry producing meat for human consumption.
    • Being tanned with natural tannins, a vegetable-tanned leather object can be easily disposed of at the end of its life, thanks to its chemical-biological characteristics.
    • Their tanneries have made huge investments in depuration systems and waste recycling that make them work in full respect of man and the environment.
    • Many of the substances used during the tanning process are recovered, recycled and reused in different fields. Hair removed from raw hides is transformed into agricultural fertilizer; sludge produced by the depuration plants is reused in the construction field to make bricks.
    • Vegetable-tanned leather, recognizable from its trademark, does not contain any toxic substance such as azo-dyes, nickel, PCP or chrome VI

    How should I take care of my shoes then?

    Furthermore, due to the more gentle processes, the average length of life of vegetable tanned leather is considerably higher than that of chrome-tanned leather. It also is still a living material, not killed by the chrome used, and has a lot of personality. Another reason to why we value our leather and we would suggest you take care of your vegetable tanned shoes and treat them with non-toxic shoe care.

    We have written a ‘how to’ guide to teach you a quick and simple way to keep your shoes in good condition, with suggestions on non-toxic shoe care products, it does not have to be that complicated!

    Check out our shoes!


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    Editorial ‘Feeding Birds’ in Kaltbult Magazine


    Stig Percy’s model Stig 4 as seen in the men’s editorial ‘Feeding Birds’ in the German fashion magazine Kaltbult, styled by Norweigan fashion stylist Ane Kruse.




    Styling and Creative Direction by Ane Kruse / Instagram: @anekru

    Photography by Louis Bloomfield / Instagram: @louisbloomfield

    Models are Roman Shabodalov, Jordon Byron Britton and Mathias Sektnan / Instagram: @fred_martens, @jordonbyronbritton, @mathiassektnan

    Make up and hair by Hayley Ford / Instagram: @hayleyjanemakeup